Information for international exchange students

About ISM

ISM University of Management and Economics was established in 1999 as the first privately owned University in Lithuania. Now it is one of the top-ranked business universities in the Baltics.

Every year ISM University of Management and Economics is happy to host around 150 exchange students coming from our partner universities from all over Europe and beyond. Being founded by the BI Norwegian Business School we are proud of our strong international roots and are striving to internationalize all of our activities. As ISM president Dalius Misiūnas says „University has to be an active member of international academic and business community, a respected voice in the society. In order to help leaders grow, ISM has to be the leader itself.”

Why study at ISM?

High quality of studies

ISM University of Management and Economics has the highest evaluation in Lithuania and is on the way of receiving the international AACSB accreditation. We use modern teaching methods and focus on practical knowledge and real-life cases while maintaining a close relationship wuth both lIthuanian and international businessess.

Close community

By choosing ISM for your exchange not only will you get a chance to study at Lithuania’s number 1 business school where students have the highest competitive score, but also an opportunity to study at a small and open community where you will quickly feel that you belong. ISM promises to provide you support when you need it, help you with your studies path, give you valuable advice, and share knowledge and experiences.

International atmosphere

Around 50% of ISM academic faculty and 20% of our students is international. Every year we have students from around 34 different countries studying at ISM. Most of the courses at ISM are taught in English.

Comfortable life in Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and the geographic center of Europe. It is modern European capital with its own distinctive ambiance, a unique blend of old and new, traditional and cutting edge. With the population of just over half a million it makes it easy to have a comfortable and sustainable living in Vilnius. ISM University of Management and Economics, located right in the heart of the city offers students the comfort of reaching the main sights and places within the walking distance and gives students an opportunity to enjoy the best of Lithuanian capital without having to commute long distances.

Student experiences

Marta Carvalho
Student at Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon School of Business and Economics (Portugal)
I found out about Lithuania because a close friend had previously done a Summer School in my university in Vilnius and loved and recommended it! Actually, Lithuania surprised me! It is really beautiful, but the weather is REALLY cold (for someone who is used to the Portuguese weather). The best thing about my exchange was the friends I made! So many people from so many different places. I’m sure I’ll take them for life! It has made the place and the whole experience even more special.
Matěj Říha
Student at MCI Management Center Innsbruck (Austria)
I chose ISM instead of Hawaii, Australia, or Spain, because I believed that the level of lectures would be higher based on the information I received from my University about ISM. The best thing is definitely the people that I have met. I have an extremely friendly and supportive and funny group of people around me, these ones make my time here worth it, our multi-cultural Portuguese-French-Belgium-Czech-Slovak crew is just awesome. My buddy Ugnė that showed me around and taught me everything I should know about Lithuania made my time here 10x better. I really got the best buddy I could.
Thomas Christian
Student at Mälardalens University (Sweden)
I researched for the best economic/business universities in Europe and came across ISM. Since Lithuania seemed like a lovely country and pretty close to home, it became my first choice. Except for the incredible friends I have made, I would definitely say the vibe in Vilnius is fantastic. I also really like the classes that I am taking.

How to participate

Application Process

Sign up for an individual consultation on campus/online here.

Application and admission requirements for exchange students (Erasmus, Double Degree, and Bilateral programs)

Students from partner institutions who intend to study at ISM University of Management and Economics should first contact the International Office at their home university. They have to meet all requirements for participation in the exchange program of their home university.


Nomination deadlines: May 1 / November 1.


Once students have been nominated by their university, they will be sent an automatic link to the ISM Online Application form. Students have to fill in their personal information as well as submit the documents, listed below:

  • Transcript of Records
  • 1 photo
  • Passport/ID Card copy
  • Insurance copy

*Please note that all the documents have to be submitted at the same time.


The deadline for submitting an Online Application is May 15 for the autumn semester and November 15 for the spring semester.


After submitting the Online Application the students will be able to choose the courses they are going to take at ISM. The courses have limited places, therefore, first come-first serve rule is applied.

Learning Agreement

Students have to submit their learning agreements on online application system by June 1 / December 1.

After submitting your personal data and the aforementioned documents you will also have to select the courses you will take at ISM. Once your course selection is approved, a LEARNING AGREEMENT with the courses you are going to study at ISM will be generated.

Please note: The Learning Agreement will have to be signed by your home university representative and yourself.

Deadline: The signed Learning Agreement must be submitted by June 1 for the Autumn semester and December 1 for the Spring semester.

Learning Agreement for Erasmus+ and Double Degree students can be downloaded here, for Bilateral agreement here.

Admission Letter

After all your uploaded documents and Learning Agreement has been approved, you will be issued the Admission Letter, which will be your official confirmation that you have been accepted for your exchange at ISM University of Management and Economics. Admission letters are sent in July/December.

Plan Your Trip

After you have received your admission letter you have to get ready and book your tickets to Vilnius!

You can read the Student Guide, available here to get familiar with ISM University and life in Vilnius.

Academic information

Course information

Course list for Master students | 2024 Spring

The maximum number of courses a student can take is – 5 (30 ECTS). Additional courses (but not more than 40 ECTS) can be taken for an extra fee.

2023-2024 Spring semester course descriptions:

For Bachelor subjects

For Master subjects

2023-2024 Fall semester:



There are quotas of how many exchange students can take a particular course. The admission is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Undergraduate students can choose courses from undergraduate programs only, however, graduate students are allowed to choose courses from undergraduate programs.

Doctoral studies

Doctoral students are invited to take part in ISM doctoral studies as exchange students.

Academic offer for 2023-2025 AY. 


ISM University Factsheet for 2024-2025 can be found here.

Academic calendar

The academic calendar for the 2023/2024 A.Y. can be found here.

Information for graduate students

Graduate Students have classes in the evenings starting from 18:00 and/or on Saturdays. All master courses are organized on a module basis when the exam is held right after each course. Therefore, there is no regular exam session and courses might last from one up to four weeks.


Timetables are announced 2 weeks before the start of the semester. The timetables can be found on system. Exchange students will receive an e-mail with the logins to all ISM internal systems.

Grading system

ISM uses 10-point grading system.

Cumulative Grade Formula – in most cases the final grade is formed from the midterm and final exam grades, as well as the assignment grades. Negative points are not calculated into the final grade. Please note that 4,99 point is still counted as negative.

Detailed grading criteria can be found here.

Changes to learning agreement

Students are allowed to make changes in their Learning Agreements at the start of the semester. The changes can be made via email request or in the Studies department (ISM Innobase).
After changing courses students MUST prepare “Changes to Learning Agreement” form and send it to the International Studies Office.
Later changes will not be accepted.
We accept Changes to Learning Agreement forms of your home university. However, you can also use ISM University templates.

Download During Mobility – Changes to the Learning Agreement form:

  1.  Changes to Learning Agreement (E+ ir Double Degree students)
  2.  Changes to Learning Agreement (Bilateral agreements)

Lithuanian language for beginners

The Introduction Lithuanian language course will be held during the Welcome Week.

Students can also study Lithuanian language throughout the semester. The course is organized if 10 or more students register to the course.

Welcome week

Before the beginning of every semester, ISM International studies office together with ESN ISM (Erasmus Student Network) organizes Welcome Week for new international students.

There are more than 80 international students coming to ISM each semester, therefore, it is a good chance to meet everyone and make friends before the semester begins.

During the Welcome week you will have all kinds of activities planned for you – Kick-off seminar, picnics, city tours, visiting museums, trips, parties, Lithuanian language crash course, cultural introduction to Lithuania, welcome dinners, and much more.

Participation in Welcome week is mandatory. The program of the Welcome week is announced a couple of weeks prior to the event.

ESN ISM BuddyPrograme

ESN Erasmus Student Network is the biggest student organization in the European Union. ISM ESN section is a local students‘ representation that is here to help all of you with any kind of issues you have! They will help you integrate into the local society better, organize trips, parties, and social events for you. And most importantly, they will help you find your buddy – a local student who will be your friend and your mentor, too!

Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities are advised to contact their coordinator at the International Office of their home university to discuss their need for support as soon as possible. If you are coming under the Erasmus exchange program you are encouraged to seek extra scholarships at your home university to cover any costs related to your special needs.

It may be helpful to let us know, too. You may contact the International Studies Office via e-mail at to make sure that your needs are met.

Before arriving

For EU citizens

The issuance of a temporary residence certificate confirming the right to reside in the Republic of Lithuania

You must register your residence if you come to live in the Republic of Lithuania for more than 3 months in a 6-month period and obtain a certificate signifying the right to temporarily reside in Lithuania. You must do so within 3 months of arrival at the Migration Board of Vilnius County Chief Police Commissariat, Vytenio Str. 18, Vilnius.

For the registration the following documents are necessary:

  1. an application of the specified form  – you can find it at
  2. a valid passport or an identity card;
  3. document confirming that student has been admitted to ISM University (issued by ISM University International Studies Office within 3-5 working days under student‘s request);
  4. a document confirming that student is in possession of adequate means of
  5. subsistence for himself/herself (at least 125 EUR per month);
  6. a valid document confirming possession of medical insurance;
  7. document concerning the place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania.

Prior to lodging the application, the state fee in the amount of 8,60 EUR for the issuance of the certificate must be paid (there are no state fees for replacement of a certificate).


Official documents issued abroad must be translated into the Lithuanian language. Translation is considered to be official when it is bound to a certified true copy of the document in the original language and is attested by the translator’s signature.

It is your responsibility to meet immigration requirements applicable to the Republic of Lithuania. University representatives can only provide general information. You must check requirements for your own specific circumstances with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. Requirements do change and you must check them up to date in good time before arrival.

For non-EU citizens

Full time degree students

Students who are citizens of non-EU countries intending to study at an educational institution in Lithuania need to apply for National Visa D in their home countries at Lithuanian Embassies or Consular posts or Visa Centers. Issued visa will let you come and stay in Lithuania for maximum a year or till the decision about your Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) will be made by the Migration Department. The issuance of National Visa D approximately takes 15 days.
After coming to Lithuania, student must plan to apply for TRP. General order takes 3 months, urgent order – 45 days. After TRP is received, the place of residence must be declared at an elderships/local authorities within 7 days.
TRP must be renewed every year or two years, so student must apply for renewal not later than 2 months before TRP expires.

Exchange students

Students who are citizens of non-EU need to apply for National Visa D in their home countries at Lithuanian Embassies or Consular posts or Visa Centers. The issuance of National Visa D approximately takes 15 days.


The required documents to obtain national visa D for international students:

  • Completed application form
  • A valid travel document (passport) issued within the last ten years, that validity period is at least 3 months longer than the validity period of the requested visa;
  • EPIS number of the online mediation letter from ISM university to issue visa D (issued by International Studies Office within 3-5 working days);
  • Proofs of sufficient means of support (bank transcript or proofs how you support yourself) – at least 305 EUR per month;
  • 1 photo (35 x 45 color);
  • A document confirming health insurance that will be valid during the stay in the
  • Republic of Lithuania (the minimal health insurance sum comprises EUR 30000);
  • Document concerning the place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Consular fee for visa: 60 EUR.


When an application for national visa D is submitted, Official documents issued abroad must be translated* into the Lithuanian language or issued in the original English language.

* Translation is considered to be official when it is bound to a certified true copy of the document in the original language and is attested by the translator’s signature.

It is your responsibility to meet immigration requirements applicable to the Republic of Lithuania.

University representatives can only provide general information about this. You must check requirements for your own specific circumstances with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. Requirements do change and you must check the up to date in good time before departure.

Contact the Migration Department:
+370 707 67000 and press 3 for menu in English

Contact ISM:
+370 5 212 3960

Insurance information

If you are a resident of the European Union, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland you are insured through your own national health service. When you visit Lithuania, please have one of these documents confirming your entitlement to reimbursement of health care services:

  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  •  Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC)
  • Certificate E 106
  • Certificate E 109​

Your family members who are visiting Lithuania together with you have to hold their EHIC or the certificate E 106 or E 109. If you need to see a doctor in Lithuania, you will have to subscribe to a health insurance fund with your EHIC. You will then be refunded for many of the medical costs you incur in Lithuania.

If you are from a non-EEA country, you must have a social coverage to stay in Lithuania issued in your country.

Vilnius Territorial Patient Fund Ž. Liauksmino str. 6, Vilnius +370 5 266 1549


We are pleased to welcome students at ISM and we are willing to help them find the accommodation during the study period. ISM is located in the Old Town of Vilnius, minutes away from the city’s most important sites, including railway/bus station, the Old Town Hall, the Gate of Dawn, the National Philharmonic Concert Hall, Cathedral Square, Gediminas’ Castle, the Bernardinai Garden and MO museum, as well as many beautiful old churches, museums and restaurants.

Please be aware that ISM does not have its own dormitories, however, for the convenience of students ISM has signed contracts with some hotels/brokers. Students sign the accommodation contracts with properties directly.

ISM accommodation offers for 2023-2024

If you have any questions or need help, please contact

Other housing options:

1. Your own apartment

Students are welcome to look for the apartment on their own. The biggest and most popular website for real estate rentals is: Rental website for Erasmus students


You may contact a real estate agency that will help you in finding an apartment. You may contact them via e-mail: (NB! Real estate agency takes service fee), or check their website.

2. Shared apartment

Please look at Facebook groups, they have many shared apartment options:

  • Iknowaflatinvilnius
  • Ieškau kambarioko Vilniuje!
  • Foreigners in Vilnius

International students guide

You may find useful information about studies at ISM and life in Lithuania in the International Student Guide

International studies office contacts

International studies office
ISM University of Management and Economics
Gedimino pr. 7 – 202 room (II floor), Vilnius

Phone: +370 687 08080

 Greta Kiškienė ISM
Greta Kiškienė
Team leader for International Studies and Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
+370 610 01495
Kristina Laurinčiukaitė
International Studies Coordinator (Outgoing exchange)
+370 612 17 221
Greta Tarnauskaitė
International Partnership Manager
+370 611 25561
Indrė Kasputytė
International Studies Coordinator (Incoming exchange)
+370 693 62 495